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RAM employees get a Christmas bonus – ownership of the company

- by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog – Since its humble beginnings in 1971, The RAM Family of Restaurants and Breweries (The RAM) has grown to include three different brands spread across six states: The RAM Restaurant & Brewery in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Illinois and Indiana; C.B. & Potts Restaurant & Brewery in Colorado; and[…..]

Flying Bike Cooperative gets closer to taking off

by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog Today is an exciting day for the 900 member-owners of Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery. It was in April of 2011 that I first told you about Flying Bike and its unusual approach to funding, building, and operating a brewery (see all of our stories about Flying Bike). Today, almost[…..]

Wild Earth Brewing closes its doors

by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog Updated Dec. 12, with more detail from the brewery. Wild Earth Brewing opened in Roslyn, Washington last spring. Click here to see our previous posts about Wild Earth. The biggest problem that this small brewery faced, it could not make enough beer to keep up with demand. Not a[…..]

Hop Contract Allows Brickyard to Introduce New IPA

- by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog – If all you do is drink beer, you might not understand the importance of hop contracts in the brewing business. That’s fine, but if you love beer (especially hoppy IPAs) you should know that most breweries sign contracts with hop providers (aka hop houses or hop brokers)[…..]

Do Other NFL Teams Inspire Breweries?

- by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog – I’m just curious. Do other NFL franchises attract so much attention from breweries? Is craft beer such an integral part of the NFL experience in other cities? The Seattle Seahawks have inspired at least seven beers brewed in their honor. Cynics assert that these beers represent less[…..]