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Washington now home to 245 breweries

- by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog – It was probably two or three years ago that people started asking me the question and I’ve heard several different versions of it. When will this madness stop? How many more breweries can we stand? At what point will we reach saturation? My answer today is the[.....]

Urban Family Brewing ready to open in Magnolia

- by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog – We just received news that Urban Family Brewing is almost ready to open its new tasting room in Magnolia. The official opening is this Friday, October 24th. Details below. The brewery originally opened in downtown Ballard back in 2012, brewing in the back of its pub on[.....]

Reuben’s Brews collaborates with UK brewery

- by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog – A transatlantic collaboration between a Seattle brewery and a UK brewery produces Ottrey Porter, launching in Seattle on November 1st The other day I was talking to someone about the idea of our local breweries forging relationships with breweries overseas, similar to the way American cities have[.....]

Hale’s Ale hosting a Ballard Brewmaster’s Dinner

Hale’s Ale Brewery recently announced the opening of the newly remodeled Double Decker Room, the event space located above the pub, and today we happily share news of the first event (that we know of) happening in the spiffy, new upstairs digs: the Ballard Brewmaster’s Dinner. People debate the issue, but according to the most[.....]

Hoptoberfest at the Beveridge Place Pub

- by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog – Here are the elite eight Washington IPAs in the hunt for the championship. What does that mean? Read on. Bale Breaker Topcutter IPA Georgetown Lucille IPA Hales Ales Supergoose IPA Harmon Point Defiance IPA Island Hoppin’ Elwha Rock IPA Reuben’s Brews Crikey IPA Schooner Exact 3-Grid IPA[.....]