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Fremont Brewing

by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

Located just down the street from the world-famous Troll in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood (aka The Center of the Universe), Fremont Brewing Company has been pumping out great beers since 2009. Since opening, the brewery has undergone a number of expansions. Its beers are available on tap regionally and can also be found on the shelves of bottleshops and grocery stores in 22-ounce bottles and (more recently) aluminum cans. Perhaps the best place to enjoy the widest selection of Fremont beers is at the brewery itself.

The Urban Beer Garden (the tasting room at Fremont Brewing) is wildly popular with neighborhood locals, who often arrive by foot, bicycle, skateboard or stroller. While they don’t serve food, you can order a pizza to be delivered or bring your meal with you. On a Saturday afternoon, do not be surprised to find a dozen bikes out front of the usually packed UBG. Anyone who knows the neighborhood knows that Fremont/Wallingford has a particular vibe. Fremont Brewing effortlessly fits right in. As you enjoy your beer you will notice a steady stream of customers stopping in to grab growlers.

Fremont Brewing encourages parents to make their trip to the brewery a family event. In other words, parents are welcome as long as they are accompanied by well-behaved children. The pooch policy is much the same.

Fremont Brewing was founded by Matt Lincecum. He can be best described as an environmental activist turned attorney who then turned into a brewery owner. Abandoning a busy career as a lawyer to open a craft brewery is an uncommon story in the beer business. Owning and operating a brewery is not without its demands and challenges, but Matt finds it to be much more conducive to raising a family. Lincecum explains, “Working as an attorney with clients in the brewing industry, it suddenly occurred to me that I was on the wrong side of the desk. I wanted my kids to know their dad and I wanted to keep my wife, so something had to change.”

Fremont Brewing

3409 Woodland Park Avenue North
Seattle, WA 9810
(206) 420-2407

Urban Beer Garden Hours:

11am – 9pm every day



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