Birdsview Brewing

March 12, 2012 - 3:24 PM
by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

If you are traveling either direction on Highway 20 between Sedro Woolley and Concrete, and you are an attentive driver, you will see a diamond-shaped caution sign that says, "Beer Crossing." Look for the sign 0.8 miles west of Baker Lake Road: about 400 yards east of Memory Lane. Once you see the sign, you will notice a pair of adjoined octagonal buildings on the south side of the highway. There is a modest sign and a cute old milk truck decorated with the Birdsview Brewing logo. If you don't see it on first pass, turn around. Go back and find it. We don't want you to miss Birdsview Brewing.


Birdsview Brewing is an unexpected gem of a brew pub--a welcome pit stop for any beer lover making the trek over the North Cascade Highway. When you stop by the pub, you will undoubtedly meet the proprietors, Bill and Kris Voigt. If for some reason they are not there, you are sure to meet at least one of their five children. Usually, you'll meet the whole family. They will make you feel welcome with their sincere hospitality, tasty beer and delicious food.

Caution! Time to stop and sample some beer.

Bill Voigt and his wife Kris have done many different and unlikely things in their life together. They share an independent spirit and have never liked working for anyone but themselves. For the past 25 years they've found a number of creative ways to avoid working for the man. Birdsview Brewing is just the latest expression of their independence. Now, instead of making windsocks or headboards, they're making beer and delicious food to accompany it.

The pub opened in 2006. With fingers crossed, the Voigt family hoped for the best. It didn't take long for the community to embrace the new pub. Now, it is the place to be in the lovely hamlet of Birdsview, Washington.

You can find Birdsview Brewing on the Web at:

38302 State Route 20
Concrete, WA 98237
360 826-3406


Monday: CLOSED

Tues- Thurs: 12 - 7 pm

Fri & Sat: 12 - 9 pm

Sun: 12 - 6 pm
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2252 NE 65th St., , Seattle, WA 98115 / PH. 206.795.5510 / SITEMAP
2252 NE 65th St.,
Seattle, WA 98115
PH. 206.795.5510