The new Washington Beer App is now available

May 18, 2017 - 3:01 PM
 - By Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog

Go to the App store and search "Washington Beer." The all new Washington Beer Mobile App is the top result. The Washington Beer Commission has been working on this one for a while. Below, a list of what you can do with the app. Available for Apple and Android, but not Windows

For WABL members, this app essentially replaces your passport. If you're not a WABL member, and you are beer lover in Washington, you should consider joining. Seriously, why wouldn't you?Considering all you get, it's basically free. Check it out at

Existing WABL members have been test driving the Washington Beer Mobile App for a few weeks: feedback has been good.


In addition to the info below, I want to point out that the app includes some governors to promote responsible beer touring and to prevent people (WABL members) from just driving by a brewery and checking in. Essentially, once you check in to a brewery, there's a reasonable waiting period before the app lets you check into another brewery. If you aren't trying to cheat, you'll never notice.

The all new Washington Beer Mobile app includes:

  • The ability to collect a WABL stamp and checking in at any WA Brewery, on your phone!

  • Instant GPS listing of WA Breweries near your current location

  • Quick access to WA Beer Festivals information

  • Frequently updated list of WA Beer Events happening around the state

  • The ability to set up your own brewery tours with region by region mapping

  • Rate your favorite WA beers!

  • Share photos of enjoying WA Beer on Social Media

  • Get the latest WA Beer News

  • Redeem passport for prizes at events

WABL MEMBERSTo access  your WABL passport in the mobile app you will need your Membership ID (your WABL number) and your registered email address. You should have received an email with this information recently, when they announced the app's release to WABL members.

The all new Washington Beer Mobile App will change the way you WABL! Download the App today!


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