Skagit River Brewing and PCC Market Team Up to Help Local Farms

July 1, 2011 - 12:37 PM
--by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog--

Out in the front yard of the Washington Beer Blog World Headquarters the vegetables are finally starting to grow in earnest. It's been a tough spring for Farmer Jones. That's why Kim had to stop by the PCC Market today and get some veggies to go with dinner. While there, she spied a new beer from Skagit River Brewing: Farm to Market ESB.

Basically, this is a joint effort between Skagit River Brewing and PCC to support the preservation of our precious farmlands. The fertile Skagit River Valley, which is home to so many wonderful small and privately owned farms, is the perfect place for this beer to be brewed. We like beer, we like farms, and we love it when breweries step up and do good things.Here's what the bottle says.
"We love beer, and we love doing good things. The only thing better than either is both. So, for every bottle of this ESB (extremely satisfying beer) sold, 25 cents will be donated to PCC Farmland Trust to help preserve local farmland forever. Pretty cool, huh."

We just sampled the beer. As advertised, it is very good. Pairs especially well with fresh veggies.
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