Farmstrong Brewing produces a beer with fiery malt

June 10, 2017 - 11:42 AM
- by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog -

Farmstrong Brewing is not unaware of the advantage it enjoys by being so close to Skagit Valley Malting, a producer and purveyor of fine, small-batch, exotic, local malted barley.  Skagit Valley Malting is located in Burlington, just about 10 minutes away from Farmstrong Brewing in Mount Vernon.

It's very cool stuff they're doing at Skagit Valley Malting. Cool, yes, but it's also hot.

Mike Armstrong, the brewer and co-owner at Farmstrong Brewing has done something that I've never heard of. Something that maybe has never been done before, or at least not in modern beer history. He brewed a beer using what they're calling "fiery malt." But what the heck is that?

You need to know the basics of malting process to understand. Here's a super simplified explanation. Raw barley is soaked until it starts to germinate, then it is heated and dried to permanently stop the germination process. The malted barley is then cooled down and allowed to rest for a couple of weeks. The resting period allows the malt to cure and mellow.

But what if you brewed a beer using malted barley straight out of the kiln while it was still hot? How would that beer taste? We will find out this Friday.

According to Todd Owsley, co-owner at Farmstrong Brewing, "In all of our research, we have not been able to find another beer made with this Fiery Malt since the early 1800’s. The beer itself cried out to be a Farmhouse style. We used NZ-151 and Red Wheat right out of the kiln. Bagged it and drove a few miles to the brewery and went to work."

The beer was released at Farmstrong Brewing on Friday, June 9th.

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