Fair Isle Brewing plans to open in Seattle, in partnership with Jester King Brewery

December 26, 2016 - 12:40 PM
- by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog -

Jester King Brewery is one of America's most esteemed and influential farmhouse-style breweries. Is Jester King coming to Seattle? Well, kind of.

We've just learned that Jester King Brewery is an equity partner in a new brewery that plans to open in Seattle's urban core. Beyond equity, the Austin, Texas brewery has offered advice and already brewed collaboratively with the founders of the forthcoming Fair Isle Brewing.

With plans to open its brewery in early 2018, Fair Isle Brewing describes itself as an urban version of a farmhouse brewery. The ownership group already had a relationship with Jester King, which explains how this partnership came to fruition.

"We’re pleased and excited to announce that Jester King has agreed to form a partnership to help Fair Isle Brewing in Seattle, Washington," said  Jester King Brewery in a blog post recently. "Fair Isle is a brewery-in-planning headed by longtime friend Andrew Pogue and his business partner Geoffrey Barker. Andrew and Geoffrey plan on opening a Seattle brewery focused on mixed culture fermentation and local agriculture in early 2018. While Fair Isle is squarely Andrew and Geoffrey’s creation and vision, Jester King will help along the way with its guidance, advice, and creative input."

Geoffrey and Andrew met through the North Seattle Home Brew Club, which also spawned professional brewers for the likes of Reuben’s Brews, Bainbridge Island Brewing, NW Peaks Brewing, Populux Brewing, Lucky Envelope Brewing and Ravenna Brewing.

Expounding the philosophy behind Fair Isle Brewing, the company shares this on its website. "Today, farmhouse beer doesn't have to be brewed on a farm; it’s more about a mindset and respect for it’s origins. It’s about embracing variation rather than avoiding it and letting nature run it's course.  We like to think of ourselves as shepherds rather than controllers - giving our mixed fermentation cultures the time they need to make great beer."

Fair Isle Brewing has not yet found a home in Seattle, which is more challenging than some might imagine. They're looking for 6,000+ square feet of suitable real estate. According to the company's website, the plan is to find a spot in the Ballard, Fremont, or Queen Anne area.

Godspeed, Fair Isle, godspeed.

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