New ownership at Old Schoolhouse Brewing

August 3, 2016 - 9:17 AM
- by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog -

Old Schoolhouse Brewery is now under new ownership. And why not? It was for sale and just too tempting for the new owners to resist, pictured above (photo courtesy Young Reflections Photography).

If you’ve ever visited the Methow Valley, you know how easy it is to fall in love with its rustic beauty, slower life-pace, lower blood pressure, and readily available outdoor adventure opportunities. It is a mecca for fly fishermen, cross-country skiers, hikers, bicyclists, kayakers, and less-adventurous relaxation enthusiasts like me who simply enjoy staring at the river and watching the water roll by.

And then there’s the beer. An afternoon or evening spent whiling away the lazy hours on the sprawling deck at Old Schoolhouse Brewery, located along the banks of the Chewuck River, is time very well spent. The water flows by effortlessly and the Ruud Awakening IPA goes down with the same ceaseless inevitability.

None of this is lost on Nate and Jake Young and their buddy Troy Anderson, who recently purchased Old Schoolhouse Brewing in Winthrop, Washington. In addition to appreciating the natural wonders of the Methow Valley, they were particularly fond of the beer at Old Schoolhouse, so when they heard it was for sale, they hatched a plan.

The three business partners are all transplants from New Hampshire, according to a report in the Methow Valley News. The two brothers and their buddy, who all managed to find their way to the Northwest and forged careers here, are outdoor enthusiasts and now brewery owners.

They aren’t exactly new to the area and say that they’ve haunted Old Schoolhouse long enough to remember a time when the beers were less impressive, back when it was still called Winthrop Brewing.

A main focus for the trio, keep Old Schoolhouse great. That’s why they’ve decided to keep the current employees. Will there be other changes? We’ll see.

Casey and Laura Ruud purchased the floundering brewery in 2008, changed the name, cleaned it up, and quickly turned it into an award-winning gem of a brewpub in one of the best places on earth. Good on them, good for us.
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