Mollusk, a New Brewery and Restaurant Opens in Seattle

October 30, 2015 - 10:37 AM
- by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog -

For Seattle's beer fans and foodies alike, this is one of the year's most highly anticipated openings. Mollusk opens this Saturday. In case you haven't heard, Mollusk is the new brewery and restaurant by the people who brought you Epic Ales and Gastropod.

In early September, Gastropod closed its doors in SoDo to the sighs and sobs of many of its fans (read it). But there was a bright side to Gastropod’s end; it brought the promise of a new, larger venture that would allow Brewmaster Cody Morris and Chef Travis Kukull to further explore the ever-expanding universe of beer and food flavor, which is at the core of all Gastopod and Epic Ales accomplished over the past few years in SoDo.

Mollusk opens this Saturday, October 31. The new brewery and restaurant, featuring Cody’s beer and Travis’ food, is located in the South Lake Union neighborhood. News of the much-anticipated opening showed up on Seattle Eater today (see it).

The location and the name aren’t all that’s changed. For one, Gastopod/Epic Ales was located in the historic K.R. Trigger Building, which was erected in 1923. Mollusk is located in the retail level of a brand-spanking-new apartment building at the corner of Dexter Avenue and Valley Street. (map)

Gastropod was a cozy little space, but Mollusk spans 5,000 square-feet. No longer will Travis be required to exercise his genius in an apartment-sized kitchen; now he’ll have a real commercial kitchen at his command.

Cody, too, is moving up. Plans for the new location called for a full-size commercial brewery. Admittedly, we have yet to learn any details about it. In time, all will be revealed, but for now it is enough to know that Mollusk opens this Saturday.
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2252 NE 65th St.,
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