Fremont Brewing grand opening for new Urban Beer Garden

October 10, 2014 - 6:58 AM
- by Kendall Jones, Washington Beer Blog -

fremont_brewing_logo_for_profileIf you've spent any time around Fremont Brewing lately you know that big changes are brewing at the Urban Beer Garden. Fremont is expanding, remodeling, and generally upgrading the UBG  in every way and direction. Happily, this includes the addition of a lot more taps.

On Saturday, October 11th Fremont Brewing celebrates the grand opening of the newly spiffed-up and enlarged UBG. Yes, there will be all sorts of fun. It will be a big soiree, for sure. But for now, we happily share the most important details: the beer list.

Below is the list of beers you can expect to find waiting for you at the UBG Grand Opening on Saturday, October 11th. We'll share more details, including some pictures, in the coming days.

UBG West

  1. UPA

  2. IPA

  3. Wheat

  4. Dark Star

  5. Cowiche FH

  6. Cowiche FH Mosaic

  7. Interurban FH (Citra)

  8. Bonfire

  9. Harvest

  10. Kolsch

  11. Soda

  12. Porter

UBG East

  1. Soda

  2. Cowiche FH

  3. Cowiche FH Mosaic

  4. Interurban FH (Citra)

  5. Wheat

  6. Harvest

  7. Kolsch

  8. Trifecta

  9. Porter

  10. Dark Star

  11. UPA

  12. IPA

  13. Bonfire

  14. Randall #1

  15. KDS

  16. Westland Rye Saison

  17. OBR (1/4 barrel)

  18. Brother

  19. Brew 1000

  20. 1st Nail (Rusty)

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