Drop Anchor Brewing

May 3, 2014 - 8:13 AM
Back in about 2011, a group of beer-loving businessmen hatched a plan to open a brewery in Cathlamet, Washington. Today, the dream has come to life: Drop Anchor Brewery.  The brewery is located about 25 miles west of Longview, overlooking the Columbia River. The brewery's tasting room doesn't have a kitchen, but to accompany the selection of beers, it does provide a great view of the river, the marina, and the passing marine traffic.

One of the founders of Drop Anchor Brewery, Andy Lea, is not exactly new to the beer biz. He worked for Pyramid Brewing back when that brewery was located along the Columbia River in Kalama, Washington and Pyramid had yet to evolve into what it is today. He started out cleaning kegs, mopping floors, and cleaning out fermenters, but eventually worked his way up to be one of the brewers and oversaw the larger operation. When Pyramid decided to move to Seattle, Andy decided to stay in Kalama. Now he's opened a new brewery about 35 miles downriver.

He never lost his passion for beer or brewing and now Andy is happy to be back in the beer biz brewing alongside his friend Steve Sharp. Drop Anchor Brewery opened in the spring of 2013.


drop_anchor_logoDrop Anchor Brewery
285 Third Street
Cathlamet WA 98612


The Mermaid
There is a local legend behind the mermaid on the Drop Anchor Brewery logo.

If we’re to believe local folklore, mermaids once inhabited the cool, clear water of the Columbia River in the 1700′s. Captain Ankor Drag was sailing his Norse herring boat up the Columbia from the Pacific and was almost over-turned by a storm of epic proportions. He ordered to drop anchor in the sheltered area that is now known to be Wahkiakum Country Marina. After 9 hours of raging winds, driving rain, and 5 foot swells the storm passed and Captain Drag ordered “UP ANCHOR!”

As his shipmen were struggling to pull up the anchor they noticed a colorful shiny glow. As the anchor broke water, attached to it, was an alluring, bewitching mer-maiden, who told the tale of protecting their vessel all night.

The sailors were so grateful, they left her with a barrel of grog – and a smile on her beautiful face – as they raised their glasses and returned to the open water.
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2252 NE 65th St., , Seattle, WA 98115 / PH. 206.795.5510 / SITEMAP
2252 NE 65th St.,
Seattle, WA 98115
PH. 206.795.5510